Tropical Storms and Hurricanes 

Each year the Atlantic Storm Season, which begins on June 1st and runs through November 30th, produces Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. Between late August and October, the Season peaks, this is when the entire Eastern Seaboard pays attention. Here in Northeast Florida we’ve had our share of these Storms and our Jacksonville Beach Pier Cam has recorded the devastation. See our YouTube Videos below capturing Hurricane Matthew, (2016) and Hurricane Irma, (2017) as they destroyed the Jacksonville Beach Pier. Over 350 feet of the Pier was lost and it took years to rebuild. Hurricanes are nothing to take lightly. If you are in a Hurricane Warning Area please heed the Advice of Local Authorities.

Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma 2
Pre-Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew
The Flip Side 

When a Tropical Storm or Hurricane stays in the open Atlantic waters, great things can happen for the surfers! See our surfing video below.

Surfing Hurricane Joaquin